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Kandzeras Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by Kandzeras Capital. The foundation empowers people to turn their ideas into reality. Besides providing financial support for various established social projects that align with the foundation's goal, it also helps nascent social initiatives make the first steps on their passionate paths.



Our strategy is to select social projects that align with the foundation's goal and values and provide financial support as well as organisational backing for nascent social initiatives. We aim to help them make the first steps in a more structural and experienced way.

If you are searching for an opportunity to raise your idea of an organisation that could make real social change, we would be happy to contact you and discuss your idea.



The main foundation focus is to increase the number of entrepreneurial people in our world.


We put our knowledge and experience to encourage more people to become entrepreneurial – take responsibility for their own lives, turn their ideas into reality, make breakthrough discoveries, and create new jobs, businesses, and organisations. These are the reasons why we support various NGOs and initiatives that empower people to do that.


Besides our main focus, we work as venture philanthropists, where we help social entrepreneurs to make their first steps on their passionate paths at various social initiatives.



Martyno Kandzero paramos fondas

L.Stuokos-Gucevičiaus str. 13-11, LT-01122, Vilnius, Lithuania

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